Technological Progress vs. New Age Communications


I`m surprised how communications evolved these days. And it`s not the technical aspect of this matter that concerns me. There`s a diffrent aspect that surprizes me: couple of minutes ago i`ve been invited by a girl to join its „friends network”… and i did joined, so far so good. I have a lil` problem with my memory so i`ve asked her if we`ve met sometime before. She answered that she has found me in the network of another girl (dunno if its a friend of her :)) ). Now the funny thing is that i don`t know the second girl either. Maybe you wander what the fu*k it`s that strange… Well, so am i. I`m trying to find what bothers me most: the fact that a total stranger contacts me, the fact that the stranger is a SHE or … i really don`t know what`s the problem… maybe someone can help me with this !

3 thoughts on “Technological Progress vs. New Age Communications

  1. Well, „SHE” will try to help you: I know the other girl from network, through whom I’ve contact you, because I’ve worked with her…The fact that a total stranger contacts you it may be annoying. I felt the same way when an indian contact me…through yahoo 360, and then by messenger, and finnaly I’ve reported him as spam…But maybe that’s the risk we’ve already assumed when we entered the network: you are not protected from sharing with strangers…you’ll get used with it…Just give it some time!🙂

  2. well… i can protect myself: i can choose not let strangers or friends either to see my blog, even my page. But truth is that i want to let others see my ideeas..🙂
    by the way.. the indian was something like „vjay”… it happend the same to me :PP

  3. I think the indian was more like „chandra…” something😀, but anyway these are the disadvantages of the internet…Let’s think more on it’s advantages!

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