Zinedine Zero

Zidane, the golden ball of Fifa World Cup 2006 is in fact a big disappointment…

I will not remember him as a great football player, for me he will be the one that knocked down Materazzi in his own retirement game. In the World Cup Final game. In the last few moments of the game. When his team needed him the most!

Was his gesture justified? I don`t know! Did Materazzi deserved that? Maybe. Not 100% sure.  Did France suffered from his stupidity. It did! Was he a great loss for the team in that very momment? It sure was.

He acted like a common thug, he threw away his chances to take Pele`s.  Furthermore, if nothing changes, I don`t think that will ever happen!

So long mister Zizou, from now on, for me you are Zinedine Zero!

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