Black Scorpion, Black Music, The Black Romania


Last night I went out to a bar-club… I don`t know exactly what it is, it doesn`t matters anyway. So, the place is called The Actors Coffee-House (Cafeneaua Actorilor – Romanian sounds great) and it`s in the middle of Youth Park (well is more in the south-west part), most of the place is constructed onto water.
When I got there, there was a black singer, singing some Soca music… later I found out is a mix of Caraibbean sounds, the guy is born in Granda, an isle of Caraibbe.
I danced, I sung and i danced more… then I got it all from begining… Black Scorpion, that`s how it`s called the singer.. he gave us no chance… he kept us on our foot all night long, more preciselly 3 hours, and in this time he made about 4 stops to drink some water!
He danced with us, he sang… it was pure energy… a real entertainer.
Thumbs up!

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