Ever heard about mobloging?

Let`s see how stuff works: mobloging, according to wikipedia is a blend of the words mobile and weblog. A mobile weblog, or moblog, consists of content posted to the Internet from a mobile or portable device, such as a cellular phone or PDA. Moblogs generally involve technology which allows publishing from a mobile device.

Why  am i talking about mobloging? The answer is pretty simple: last evening i was talking with a friend of mine that has just started a moblog and he asked me if i have any idea about this type of blogging. I knew nothing.🙂 The thing is he tried to read some of the hottest .ro blogs on both his mobile phone and his PDA just to find that none of them was optimized for mobile reading.

So… .ro blogosphere is now challenged to start mobloging!

4 thoughts on “Ever heard about mobloging?

  1. noi nici bloguri serioase nu avem inca in romania (comparativ cu fenomenul din strainatate), asa ca pana la mobloguri cred ca trece moda jurnalelor online si nu le mai apucam🙂

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