Lord of The Rings – The really really short version

Lord of The Rings – The really really short version:

My close friends knows that i`m a big fan of J.R.R Tolkien and his Legendarium, especially Silmarilion and Lord of The Rings. The later one is known by most of us by now. What always bothers at the books i read and the movies i see is that many times the hero of the book/movie choses the hardest way to solve the puzzle/task.

So… one late night i was thinking: if Gandalf was such a powerful and ancient wizard, why didn`t he grabed Frodo and ride on the great eagle king straight to Mount Doom and throw that damn ring in the lava? Probably it would have made the story too short, not to mention the movie.

Seems i`m not the only one that has the same problem!

Check this (aham, yeah! business! :P):

LOTR - The Short Version


Credits goes to the an unknown funny guy.

If you are the one who made the image, please contact me.

5 thoughts on “Lord of The Rings – The really really short version

  1. I can’t quite remember, as I heard this on a forum and didn’t notice while I was reading, but apparently it’s something to do with the eagles not being able to cross the borders of Mordor while Sauron exists.

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