Let the music play!

Some years ago i was using Napster and Kazaa to find music. Then i`ve switched to DC++ and eDonkey. Later i`ve leared that such things are not exactly legal and… (lol).

So when i`ve discovered Pandora i was like WOW!. Lots of songs, great quality, and best of all the music discovery system. I liked Pandora, and i`m still a big fan of them.

Since then social music platforms and internet radio stations who let the user chose thier favourite songs and bands appeared like mushrooms after the rain: Last.fm, Jango, Musicovery and so on and so forth. All great but…

But today i`ve found Songza. And i belive it is the best music website of the moment. Songza sports a nice clean (Google-like) interface, an never ending music database, good quality sound and… that`s all. Really. That`s all i need for now. Thanks Songza!

P.S.: If you install this extension, the music you want to listen can be searched directly from Firefox. Nice.

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